Mike D proposed to his girlfriend Kelsey over the weekend! He first shared the news on his Instagram page on Saturday (October 3).

The news came after The Bobby Bones Show debated who was going to get engaged first last week... Bobby or Mike D. Everyone picked Bobby, but little did everyone know Mike D was planning his proposal for the past month.

 Talking about how it all went down, Mike D shared that the two of them go hiking every Saturday so he decided to propose to her at a special place within Edwin Warner Park in Nashville. They were taking some self-timing photos when Mike D told her he wanted to take a prom-style photo and then got down on one knee. Instead of actually taking photos, Mike D was recording video and captured the whole proposal on a self-timing video. He said that he wanted to make sure he remembered to say "Will you marry me?" which he did, but Mike D confessed he forgot to put the ring on Kelsey's finger. She ended up having to grab the ring and put it on her own finger.

He shared that he's been planning the proposal for over a month, and it was about a month ago that he went to a jewelry store and bought the ring. He said he searched for the ring style that she wanted from her Pinterest board and he nailed it. The video above is Mike D talking about the proposal on the show, and the video below is the proposal video Mike D shared on Instagram.


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