A school that focuses on a "100-year-old teaching philosophy based on the arts and nature."

Peace Valley, the Waldorf-inspired school, will teach kids the core subjects they would at any other school, however, they'll do it while "learning to sing, play a musical instrument, draw, paint, work with wood, act in plays, and garden."

According to KTVB, Peace Valley's Executive Director, Laura Henning says, "We're really focused on the development of the child and their stages and to make sure we're teaching things at the right time."

The former Clearwater Research Building off Federal Way in Boise will be renovated for the new school to open in the fall. It will also include a garden space and play areas, and even better, there will even be animals on campus!!

Learning a foreign language is one of the main components at Peace Valley, while another is to delay the use of computers until the sixth grade.

Peace Valley will be accepting 320 students (K-6) in the fall of 2018, then plans to expand to K-8 after three years, with -hopefully- a second Waldorf school location.

Lottery for admission will take place next week, so if you're interested, CLICK HERE to get more information on application and enrollment.