There's no 'Z' in 'Boise.' It should be common knowledge by now. Some of these other city names are way bigger hills to climb. We promise.

Other than California drivers, people pronouncing it "Boy-zee" are pretty much the bane of Idahoans' existence. There literally is no letter Z in 'Boise,' both in proper spelling and phonetically, so why do people still say it wrong? We may never get an answer to that question, but at least 'Boise' isn't near as hard to pronounce as some of these other cities.

This list could've been way longer, but we went through the arduous process of narrowing it down to ten. These may not be the ten most difficult city names to pronounce, but they definitely feel like the ones people get wrong most often.



So, how'd you do? Show us your results on Facebook, because we're going to be blown away if you actually managed to get all ten correct without cheating.

Now that you've conquered that beast, why not try your hand at a couple more near-impossible quizzes:

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