When I first saw the name 'Weedology' I thought this was some kind of college course or class that educated people on marijuana.  Truthfully, we could all use some education in this area, especially those calling the shots in our political system.  But that's not what Weedology is.  Weedology is Ontario, Oregon's very first marijuana dispensary and yes, it is now officially open for business.

Argus Observer reported that this isn't the last dispensary that'll hit Ontario.  There are many set to break ground and open in the following years.  Oregon Liquor Control Commission has issued several different licenses so you can bet on those licenses getting used.

I would imagine this will hurt business down the road in Huntington, Oregon which has pretty much been selling marijuana products like hot cakes for the past couple of years now with no competition anywhere close.

Hot Box usually has a line out the door.  Once you get in the door you get a number, sit down, wait, and finally, you're allowed in where you wait through another line and then eventually you get to step up to the counter and order.

Maybe this competition will speed the process up a little.  And you know Ontario's getting their piece in all this.  The city of Ontario is taking a 3% tax which is the highest amount they legally can take according to the state of Oregon.  Details and information on Weedology are below.

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