Ada County Officials are warning us to get ready.  An unprecedented amount of mosquitoes will hit us hard because of the prolonged flooding of the Boise River and officials are saying an epidemic most likely will be a reality.


The Ada County's Mosquito Abatement District says there's an abundance of larvae already here in the valley and soon, that larvae will turn into full blown mosquito swarms.


The river is too high for testing to be done to figure out where the biggest problems will be but the Local Disaster Emergency Declaration is opening up funds to help with aerial spraying which should limit the larvae from being hatched.  Aerial Larviciding is being discussed.  A method never used before here in the Treasure Valley that treats large areas at one time.


Millions of mosquitoes are still expected to hatch every few days so take extra time this summer to use repellent and / or whatever means necessary to stay clear.