Massive flooding continues to destroy parts of Idaho and now five families in Council are completely stranded with no way out, no power, and no way to get food or necessities.

U.S. Highway 95 from Payette to Weiser has been closed since Tuesday because of all the water across the road and the families that live along Jackson Creek Road are locked in solid right now.  According to KTVB, the bridge over the Weiser River is their only way in or out and that bridge has been completely washed out.  The embankment and the road connecting to the bridge are completely gone.

Laura Lantz is one of the homeowners stranded.  Here's what she told KTVB via cell phone...

We’ve been stranded at home since Monday unable to cross the bridge because it got flooded by the river.  Two of our yards have been flooded, some fences have been taken down, and at about 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the power pole that had been wobbling for quite awhile finally went down, so we lost our power.

Idaho Power is aware of our situation but they can’t get out here because the approach to the bridge from the highway has been washed out so no one can come in and no one can leave.

Most of the homes have wood stoves so they're able to stay warm and generators are being used for necessary power issues but food runs low very quickly when you have children and large families to take care of.  That's one of the main concerns right now.

There's no word yet on how long these families will be stranded or what the game plan is when the fuel and food start to run low.  We'll keep you posted.

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