If you live in Boise and step out to your mailbox to find orange, plastic bags you should probably know what they're for and what to do with them.  I guess technically this year you'll get a voucher for the orange bags, unlike last year where they were literally delivered to each Boise resident.

Each voucher is worth a FREE roll of 26 orange plastic bags that you can pick up at any Albertsons, Target stores, or either of the Boise Co-Op locations.  According to the Idaho Statesman, these bags are good for recycling hard plastics or other recyclable material you need to get rid of but know dumping it into the trash is a big No No.

If you haven't received your orange bags voucher yet don't worry.  The city of Boise did not send all the vouchers out at once.  They're doing it in waves so keep checking the mailbox.  I'm sure they'll be there soon.

I couldn't find an example of exactly how this works for Boise but below is a video of how the Orange Bags Recycle program has worked for some other areas.

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