I have a roommate that has a French Bulldog. Recently, he purchased a house for him to go into when he's outside. It has plenty of room, and it's pretty stylish. It even has it's own air conditioning unit and a clear plastic flap so that it doesn't lose the cold air. It has a soft pad to lay on and a beautiful window to look out at the backyard. There is only one problem with the doghouse: Vinny, the Frenchie, won't go inside of it!

As I watched him explain in everyday American English to the dog why the house was great and why he should check it out, Vinny to dog wanted nothing to do with it. It made me wonder how many opportunities we've had that we didn't take advantage of because we didn't understand that they were opportunities. Either the possibilities were explained in another language, or we're so used to being disappointed that we no longer feel comfortable walking through open doors. Both may have been true in the case of my roommate's dog.

Vinny, the dog, finally found his way into the doghouse. I don't know what motivated him to go inside. It may have been the heat, or it may have been the Pupperoni treat that was left inside. Now I'm wondering what it takes for people to walk through the symbolic door of opportunity. Is it the heat outside, or is there a treat that you can smell, like a happy wife, a better credit score, a new car or house that is begging you to take the chance to step inside.

There are plenty of negatives to focus on. This week, try to stay positive and sniff for your opportunities. There might be one sitting on your back porch.

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