Occasionally my fiancé heads out of town for a weekend for work and I'm always looking for fun things in the Treasure Valley to do alone. What are your favs? Here are some that I've found...

  • Going to the movies! Okay, not right now, most of the theaters are closed but I'm one of those weirdos who is totally content seeing a movie alone.
  • Lunch! Pizza buffet? Count me in! Red Robin? Why not? Big Daddy's BBQ? I'll have my regular, please!
  • Driving around endlessly... Yeah, this is one I really enjoy doing. I'll grab the dogs and put them in my truck and cruise around with the windows down listening to music, looking at homes I can't afford, seeing others be active while I down a sweet tea and eat a honey bun on the road, accidentally end up in Mountain Home going to Starbucks just to use their restroom. I like driving up to Bogus just to pretend I'm in a commercial for my car coming down a winding road (that's only half true).
  • Going for a bike ride and pretending I'm time traveling. Okay, I know I'm 34 years old, but so what? I live in Meridian, close enough to downtown Meridian and I love to cruise by all the old buildings and think of a simpler time. Why not, right?

What are your favorite things to do alone, here in the Treasure Valley? Particularly on the weekends when you've got nothing but time to go on solo adventures and do some sole searching...

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