Summer is here and while many of us are looking to float the Boise River, some people might not want to mess with the sudden influx of floaters.

Maybe, you need something a little bit different but just as beautiful... a "hidden gem" if you will.

Protecting our hidden gems

Some people cannot stand the idea of the hidden gem getting out to the public, but you can't keep something so amazing a secret forever. What we should be focusing on, is protecting these hidden gems and treating them with respect just like every other Idaho treasure.

How many times have you visited a spot that you hadn't been to in a long time only to find trash, random debris, or even destruction of the area? We see it all the time with our trails and there's no question that some people will still visit trails after it rains.

It's not fun but hopefully, we can continue to protect this beautiful land of ours and regardless of how many people are moving here, it's our hope that we can all do our part to keep these beautiful hidden gems... well, beautiful!

If you're making your summer plans, we have one spot that you definitely need to add to your list, especially on a hot day.

This hidden gem is located just outside of Marsing and while it takes some work getting to, you won't believe how beautiful it is.

Let's make sure we keep it that way.

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