MSN just released their 'Best Cheap Burger' list for every state in America so who owns the honors here in our beloved Idaho?  That would be FRANKIE'S BURGERS in Mountain Home.

At Frankie's there's no holding back.  They're straight with you and give you more bang for your buck than anywhere else in the entire state of Idaho.  You get a massive burger with cheese, onions, sauce, pickles, and lettuce for only $5.99.  Oh yeah and for that $5.99 you also get a batch of fries if you're ordering on Monday.

No matter what you're looking for at Frankie's Burgers you can pretty much order anything on the menu and get out of there for less than $10.  And the taste will knock your socks off.  I'm not throwing this out there because I'm supposed to or because they're paying me.  Frankie's is NOT a client with us here at 104.3 WOW Country and the only connection I have with these guys is an occasional stop when I'm traveling from Boise to Salt Lake City.  It's a MUST for me now when I'm driving through.

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