If you headed east this past weekend you know how bad it was.  Bumper to bumper stand still traffic going both ways on I-84 in Mountain Home.

Who was the brilliant mind that came up with doing this project the same weekend Boise State's football team played BYU in Provo, Utah?  I've seen all sorts of hashtags on this one.

  • #idtnotthinking
  • #trafficsucks
  • #i84nobueno
  • #broncosacrifice

I-84 is shut down for 10 miles in Mountain Home on both sides of the freeway causing major traffic jam back ups and delays.  It didn't matter much what time you took off Friday to head down to Provo, Utah to support the BSU Broncos and it was even worse coming back into town Sunday afternoon or evening.  A good 45 minute to 1 hour wait for the 10 mile stretch that averaged about 30 to 40 mph once it got down to one lane but was a complete stand still for the 2 to 3 miles before that where truckers, travelers, and everyone else was trying to squeeze in to get to their destination as fast as possible.

The one good point in all of this, BSU won and won big time. They hammered the BYU Cougars 24-7 in a must win game to put our record back on a winning track. Yes, maybe the Idaho Department of Transportation should put a little more thought into when and where but if you're a Bronco fan, it's worth it.

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