Wanting to have some fun with our listeners and knowing that locals are frustrated with the influx of people that have moved here and are continuing to do so, I wanted to ask one simple question, but with a twist.

Why should people move to Boise/Treasure Valley? (Wrong Answers Only)

According to EastIdahonews.com, almost half a million people moved to Idaho from 2011 to 2021. That's a lot of people! Big reasons are, lower taxes, career opportunities, and having four seasons.

Remember when affordable housing was one of the reasons? In the last three years, May 2022 saw the highest median sale price at almost $600k. According to Redfin.com August through October 2022 %26 of Boise Homebuyers searced to move out of Boise.

Let's get back to the question, Why should people move to Boise/Treasure Valley? (Wrong Answers Only)

A lot of people really wanted to highlight the "amazing fragrance coming from the sugar factory in Nampa".

attachment-Screenshot 2022-11-28 132039
attachment-Screenshot 2022-11-28 132129

It's fun to look at what frustrates them the most about the Boise/Treasure Valley area. Because inevitably that's what people are saying right? For example, Marsha said "best drivers ever who always use their blinkers" and she wasn't the only one who commented on the drivers.

attachment-Screenshot 2022-11-28 132440

Recently this comment made me laugh because well, you know! Amber said "move to Boise because we never have road construction ever. lol."

attachment-Screenshot 2022-11-28 133341

There were a lot of comments about politics, housing, air quality, how welcoming people are in Boise/Treasure Valley, and my favorite beaches in Idaho.

Let's take a look at some of the other comments on the post.

Why Should People Move To Boise/Treasure Valley? (Wrong Answers Only)

I get the feeling this is what's frustrating people about the Boise/Treasure Valley area. But if we were to highlight why people shouldn't move to Idaho, here are some great reasons why you should.

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