There were over 30 claims in region 3.

Snowpocalypse definitely created its share of problems for us here in Idaho. One of the most significant impacts was road damage, specifically those awful potholes!!!

You car may have been one of the many to get some car damage because of those potholes. Well, should the Idaho Transportation Department be responsible for fixing that damage?

The short answer is, NO.

Apparently, thought, there are some instances where the department is liable for the damage to your car. Unfortunately, not if those potholes are created by weather-related issues.

According to KTVB, when ITD receives those claims, they do an investigation as to "whether or not the state was negligent."

"If we are negligent by 51 percent or more then we will pay the claim," Faith Cox (statewide risk manager for the Department of Administration) said. "If we determine that there is contributing negligence we have to determine the percentage, or if we weren't negligent at all that is when a claim would be denied."

They also look at other contributing factors.

"Was someone maybe speeding too fast?" said Cox. "Were they going faster than the road conditions allowed? Was there signage there? So we take all of that into consideration when we determine fault."

Silver lining? At least ITD is doing there part in attempting to fix the problem. Work has already begun in fixing the potholes on I-84 in Canyon County between Nampa and Caldwell.