You are more than just a fan of Luke Bryan. He's one of those guys that you want to be around. He has one of those down to earth personas, and he pretty much sweats charisma. If there were one country artist that you hear on 104.3 Wow Country that you wouldn't mind having over to your place, it would be Luke Bryan. If you've ever thought about having the 14 time Academy of Country Music Award winner over to your house, you're in luck!

104.3 Wow Country is giving you the chance to have your very own private concert with Luke Bryan. He will perform for you and ten of your friends via Zoom, the same app you use for your work meetings. Just like your work meetings, you'll be able to talk back and forth with Luke. You won't be sharing this prize with a bunch of people, either. This prize is for one winner and their ten friends only! You can ask him to play "Play It Again," "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)," "What She Wants Tonight," or even "Free Bird!" No guarantee that he will play "Free Bird," but you can ask. Just make sure that if you're going to make comments, to mute your microphone, because he can hear everything you say. Don't be like Shirley in Accounting, who hasn't quite gotten the Zoom meeting down yet.

Make sure that you've got the 104.3 Wow Country app downloaded onto your phone. Listen to Wow Country at 8:20 with Bobby Bones, 12:20 with Jess on the Job, and at 4:20 with Buddy Logan. They will give you a codeword to enter into the app. The more code words you enter, the better chance you'll have of winning. We're even giving code words on the weekends at the same time.

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Make sure to listen for every codeword and enter them on the app. We hope you win because the worst thing that could happen would be if Shirley from Accounting wins over you, because you know she's listening!


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