Have you ever watched shows like Jeopardy and The Price is Right and thought "I could do that!" Or even "I could do so much better!" Well one Boise man got his chance to shine not once but twice. Joshua Saak is a Boise Traffic Engineer and is using his smarts to get him some serious dough on the show. According to CBS2, Joshua has been on Jeopardy! twice and just won his second straight victory last night (Monday).

Joshua was the only contestant that was able to answer the final Jeopardy clue correctly last night. How he knew this random bit of knowledge is beyond me. The final Jeopardy in The 20th Century category was "The code name for a historic meeting at this city was “Argonaut”, after the heroes who searched for the Golden Fleece on the Black Sea." Correct response: What is Yalta?

So far Joshua has won a total of $46,800 in his two times on the show and is heading back for a third time tonight to see how much more he can win. Getting on the show in the first place was no easy feat. Joshua said he actively tried to get on the show for over a decade. There are online tests for a first round then if you do well there the show producers reach out for a second 'interview' before they select people to compete.

Joshua will be back at it Tonight night at 6 p.m. on CBS2.

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