We tried this a while back with Justin Moore and came up just short and trust me, we DO NOT want to come up short again.  Our stomachs can't take it.

This contest is simple.  Rick and Carly have those 'COVETED' sold out concert tickets for Dan + Shay at The Revolution Concert House, Saturday, April 13th.  Oh, and yeah, Chris Lane will be rockin' the mic that night as well.  We need 500 NEW WOW Country 104.3 APP downloads to release the tickets.  You have until 9:45 a.m. today, November 20th, 2018 to GET IT DONE.  If Rick and Carly come up even one download short, they have to EAT THE TICKETS live on the air.

Some ideas on how to get these downloads for WOW Country...

***** Make sure everyone at the office has it on their phone

***** Threaten family members

***** Buy more phones

***** Create viral YouTube video telling people to download the app

***** Beg Santa to come through with your Christmas wish early

Rick and Carly will have Dan + Shay on the show all morning to help inspire you guys to get to that 500 new download goal.  Make sure your app alerts are on because Rick and Carly will send out alerts for appers only to keep you updated and to give those tickets away.  FYI... not everyone wins.  Hello... that'd be a lot of sold out tickets right?  All the information will be sent in your app alert once we reach the 500 download goal.

Credit: Dan Smyers
Credit: Dan Smyers

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