We've all seen it.  Some of us have even done it.  Someone gets too impatient on a one-lane highway and decides to pass in a dangerous area where neither party can see the other and by the time they can, it's too late.

According to KTVB 19-year-old Jaila Aguilera-Pinder of Las Vegas was doing just that about 2:45 p.m. on Saturday on Highway 95 in eastern Oregon.  When Pinder committed to passing a commercial vehicle, the repercussions were disastrous.

Pinder went head-on with a Ford Escape when passing in a no passing area.  The driver of the Ford Escape was killed.  Two passengers from the Ford Escape along with Pinder and one other passenger in her vehicle were airlifted to the hospital.  A child sitting in the Ford Escape was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  No word yet on the condition of those injured.

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