Either you hate them, or you love them, conspiracy theorist. This "conspiracy theorist" comes from a post on Reddit with the headline "conspiracy theorist of Idaho once again, using the Greenbelt as their own personal billboard."

Obviously, the person who posted the thread on Reddit was having fun, common sense would tell anyone that this kid who drew the picture just wanted to share their drawing with anyone who happens to see it along the Greenbelt. A child's imagination is such a special gift and should never be taken away!

With the political atmosphere throughout the country right now, the headline automatically grabbed my attention and had to click to see what they were talking about. This person on Reddit posted a picture along with the headline which, looks like a young child drew a picture of a unicorn and a fairy.

The Internet can be a very negative place and people can get "Twitter fingers" and can end up being bullies, but this picture generated some lighthearted, and funny, and from what I took away from it was just some people having fun on the Internet.

One person who didn't read through any of the comments and didn't notice people were just having fun and said: "Are we sure a kid didn't do this it looks like they believe in fairies and unicorns are real which is adorable".

There's a really good chance that if I had to draw something today I would be way to embarrassed to share the picture with anyone let alone the Greenbelt which has a ton of traffic.

"They Are Rael"

I went through the Reddit thread and picked out some of my favorite comments. The one that didn't end up going down some rabbit hole.
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