I have an (almost 7-year-old) and would love for him to go to a good school. Except I haven't even started saving up for it. I'll help but he's going to have to earn it. Not the case when you are a child of wealth. These high profile parents did everything they could, even breaking the law to get their kids into the hardest Universities to get in.

According to Insider, more than 50 wealthy people have been charged by Federal prosecutors for high money bribes to get their children into elite Universities. From actors to CEOs to Lawyers were wrapped up in it and are now seeing jail time and significant fines.

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If you watched Desperate Housewives, you know Felicity Huffman who played Lynette. She was the first to be charged and served 14 days in jail along with a $500,000. She pled guilty to giving $15,000 to have her older daughter's SAT scores altered.

In total between the 50+ that have been charged, it is estimated that over $25 MILLION was used for bribery from SAT and ACT scores to getting in through the athletic departments.

Federal prosecutors found that the whole thing was lead but William "Rick" Singer, a so-called college-prep professional. He had the whole thing set up as a fake charity. He has pleaded guilty.

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