Is that Freddy Krueger robbing banks in Ontario, Oregon?  No.  It's 63-year-old David Michael Johnson who obviously never got the memo about not going to the bathroom where you eat, so to speak.  Yeah, he lives in Ontario and then has the brilliant idea to rob a bank right where he lives.

There's only about 11,000 people that live in Ontario which means everybody knows everybody.  What an idiot.  It obviously didn't take the Ontario Police Department too long to figure out who robbed the Washington Federal Bank in the 500 block of East Idaho Avenue Wednesday afternoon because the "Freddy Krueger" looking bank robber didn't even skip town after taking home all the loot.  He just cruised around Ontario like nothing ever happened.  The Ontario Police received lots of information pointing straight to Johnson because everybody knows everybody so when they spotted his car, they simply pulled him over and hauled him off to jail.

Johnson has been booked into the Malheur County Jail and our so called Freddy Krueger is off the streets.

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