If you bank at US Bank, it may not be quite as convenient for you in the days to come. The nationwide bank has roughly 100 locations in Idaho but has decided to close the following locations. 

According to boisedev.com, the following locations are set to close.

  • Capital Branch at 111 S. 27th Street - Closing June 12th
  • US Bank inside Albertsons in Emmett at 640 HWY 16 - Closing June 11th
  • 20 E. Fairview Avenue - Closing June 5th

No word yet as to why the US Bank branches are closing. I speculate it could be a movement of many more bank branches in general closing just like we've seen with brick and mortar retail stores as the world continues to shift towards doing everything online. I don't know about you, but I rarely go to the bank these days. I hardly deal with cash and I write a check maybe 3 times a year.

US Bank also has two branches in the downtown Boise area that will remain open along with another branch near Albertsons at 17th and State.

US Bank says they have notified their customers of the closures.

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