What is your favorite cuisine? Better yet - which cuisine do you think reigns supreme over all the rest?

Some might say their favorite is Mexican food - tacos, enchiladas, etc... what's not to love about that? Some might say their favorite is American-style food: burgers, barbecue ribs, etc.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, though, and that's why we're willing to die on this hill: Italian food is the best cuisine out there.

And if you love Italian food like we do, you'll love this ranking for Idaho

It's pretty well-known that the Treasure Valley is home to some delicious food and some might surprised to learn that Boise is home to some of the best Italian dishes in the country - literally.

Yelp released a report naming the places in the country with the best lasagna - lo and behold a Boise restaurant made the top ten ranking.

There's just one issue with that ranking from Yelp... the restaurant has been closed since April 27th.

In a report published by Yelp on May 24, they listed the top places to find lasagna in the country and Boise's Cucina Di Paolo made the top ten. When we went searching for some amazing photos of their delicious lasagna, we uncovered that they announced their closure back in January of this year.

When we went to their social pages, we noticed they hadn't posted since April 3rd.

It was a deflating discovery because like we said - Italian food is among the best out there and lasagna is essentially the perfect dish. You have pasta, tomato sauce, several types of cheese, and of course, the meat.

So, what's the big idea, Yelp? Why are you teasing us and lasagna lovers like that?

We'll give them a pass for now. That being said, is this a sign that Cucina Di Paolo should make a return sooner rather than later?

You can check out their statement regarding closure on their website here.

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