They're one of America's favorite snacks, and their Amazon reviews are the stuff of legend.

This story shines a whole different light on the adorable little treats.

A new German documentary is claiming that Haribo (who makes Gold-Bears) has a less than stellar work enviornment for both human workers and animals. The film says that in making carnuba wax. produced in northern Brazil, Haribo's workers are working in what some are describing as slavery-like conditions. Many of their workers are living outside, or in cars, and are being paid hardly anything on the job.

Even worse, the company that produces gelatin for Haribo is being accused of animal cruelty. Gelatin is made from pigs, and some pigs at said company's pig farm were shown with skin infections, open wounds, and sometimes no access to drinking water.

Haribo says they are currently looking into the claims:

We are a company that wants to bring joy to children and adults. We can therefore not accept the disregard of social and ethical standards.


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