You saw Granger Smith, Earl Dibbles Jr., Parmalee on stage, but you won't believe what happened behind the scenes. 

1. Carly Almost Got Kicked Out!

Credit: Townsquare Media

We still don't know what she did, but security was hauling her out! Luckily, Rick was able to talk them down and they ended up letting her stay. She can get out of control sometimes.

2. We played a little game with Granger Smith!

Talk about the coolest, most down to earth guy on the planet! He needs to learn a bit more about Idaho, but we'll give him a pass, he killed it on stage!

3.  Parmalee took us on their tour bus and behind the scenes!

4. We VIP'd with our "Rick and Carly's Kids"

Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise

Miss Mikhala, her brother Christopher, and their Mama Deena are some of the bravest souls we've ever met. Mikhala has endured over 30 surgeries and just had her leg amputated. Christopher is on the Autism Spectrum. Deana is one incredibly strong single Mom and we are so glad they are part of our "Rick and Carly's Kids" family.

5. Granger Smith taught us how to Yee Yee!

Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise

It's imperative that you learn how to "Yee Yee" just right and Granger showed us the way. Left hand over right. Make a "Y" with your left hand and an "E" with your right hand and middle, ring, and pinky finger. Got that down?!! "Yee Yee!!"

Thank You for joining us at the Boise Music Festival and we can't wait to see who will join us for the big 10th Anniversary next year!