Rick and Carly are looking for Treasure Valley kids that have some kind of unique challenge or situation in their life.  It could be physical or mental or whatever... there are no rules to this.

Every month we choose another child from Idaho to join the WOW Country family by bringing them and their situation into the spotlight to help educate people on some challenges that most are not aware of and most just don't know exists.  That child will win a dream day from Rick and Carly, WOW Country, and Epic Shine Car Wash who is our official sponsor for Rick and Carly's Kids.  Here are some of the 'Dream Day' examples we've already been blessed to give...

  • Princess for a day - Horse and carriage ride, music therapy with Disney princesses, a princess dress, full makeover at salon, dinner for family, & a night's stay at a gorgeous hotel.
  • Christmas Shopping Spree
  • VIP Access to the Boise Music Festival with food, backstage, meet and greet
  • Concert tickets to Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, etc...
  • Authorized Personnel access on to Gowen Field with flight training and then an actual flight with trained professionals
  • Surprise B-Day party with all their friends and classmates at Dart Warz

To see what Rick and Carly's Kids are all about, watch the video below.

A big THANK YOU to EPIC SHINE CAR WASH who has stepped up with open arms and a big heart to support us in our journey of making sure these kids are not forgotten and that we, as a community do everything in our power to celebrate these young, beautiful Treasure Valley children.  Each Rick and Carly's Kids family receives FREE car washes from Epic Shine and this wonderful business is helping us financially so that we can make these dreams come true.

All of this can only happen if you submit a child you know.  It can be your child, a neighbor, a friend, or somebody you know very little about.  Please submit a child below if you know of someone deserving.

Credit: Epic Shine Car Wash
Credit: Epic Shine Car Wash

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