Idaho makes for the perfect "staycation" for you and your love. Here's your guide to the most romantic adventures in the state! just released their list of "The Absolute Best Romantic Adventures in Every State."

For Idaho they deemed...

Sun Valley

as the #1 most romantic adventure. I'll admit, I've never been to Sun Valley and I really want to go, although I feel like I'd have no idea what to do when I get there. The article on says it's a skiers dream, plus they have great local shopping and dining, hiking, biking, fishing, and golf. Do you think Sun Valley is the most romantic place in Idaho?

I have been to a few other spots that scream romance in the Gem State, so I'm going to add to's list.

The Springs

I took my kids here once, so granted I have not been on a romantic adventure here, but I dream about the possibilities! You can rent out your own private hot tub, get a couples massage, stay at the lodge, and the view is spectacular.


I know it's cliche, but I love McCall. If you're going for a romantic getaway, I recommend taking a boat tour out on the lake and renting a cabin that makes for the perfect cozy getaway.

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

I went on a date here once, and although the wine tasting was not super intimate because other people were there, the drive is very secluded and there is something romantic about wine tasting. Another suggestion is the Indian Creek Winery. I've never been there, but I've heard great reviews and honestly, I never connected Idaho with wine, but we have some great local vineyards.

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