Here is your official reminder that today is officially TWOSDAY … or 2/22/22.

Thankfully, all the best things in the world come in twos, and that’s exactly how we should celebrate, right?

It’s time to double up! :)

There aren’t hardly any days like this – it’s such a rare thing. The last time there was a day like this was 11/11/11, but even that day fell on a Friday, and there isn’t really a day of the week associated with the number 11.

However, this day (2/22/22) falls on a Tuesday … coincidence? I think not. So … it’s even more fascinating.

And if it wasn't already coincidence enough, today is also Taco Tuesday, National Margarita Day, and National Cook a Sweet Potato Day – so celebrate by having two of your favorites :)

Here are some awesome ways for Idahoans to celebrate this once-in-a-decade TWOSDAY …

(Keep scrolling for a guide to all of the best taco & margarita places!)

10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate TWOSDAY (02/22/22)

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