In the digital age, our lives have become increasingly intertwined with technology. From online shopping to navigating the latest trends in pop culture, technology is an integral part of modern living. One such technological boon is Google's "How To Spell" feature, and Idahoans are certainly no strangers to its convenience.

How often have you used Google to figure out how to spell something? shared a list of words each state struggles to spell the most by analyzing Google Seach Volumes for the most frequently searched wards after the prompt "How to Spell." Would you be surprised if we told you that "Grey" was on that list? 

Spelling can be a real brain-boggler for many folks. Some may wrestle with "weird" and "i" before "e." Even everyday words can be puzzling – "receive" or "believe"? Silent letters lurk in "gnat" and "psychic," making them sneaky traps. And don't get started on homophones like "there," "their," and "they're" – they drive everyone crazy.

Has autocorrect been too much of a crutch for us?

Autocorrect is like that overeager friend at the spelling bee who can't help but jump in with the correct answer. It's a lifeline for "teh" becoming "the" and "youre" morphing into "you're." Thanks to autocorrect, typos turn into hilarious surprises, like "duck" instead of an urgent "fudge." It's a comedy show waiting to happen, fixing our texting mishaps and leaving us wondering if it has a sense of humor. Autocorrect might not always get it right, but it sure knows how to keep us entertained in the world of texting gone wild. 

Words that other states had a hard time spelling: Orney, Patience, Chihuahua, Wednesday, Lose, Beautiful, Daughter, Spaghetti, tomorrow, and Donut. 

Mississippi's most searched "How to Spell" word was Mississippi. 

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