Originally it looked like we may escape the wet stuff for Thanksgiving Day but it's looking more and more like we're going to get hit and that's just the beginning of us getting hit HARD.

Black Friday shopping is going to be NASTY this week.  For a lot of families, Black Friday is tradition and you can bet that no matter what Mother Nature throws at them, they're hitting the streets of Boise hard as early as possible and lots of cash to hook up their loved ones with presents for the holiday season.

Right now KTVB has us at a 40% chance of rain for Thanksgiving Day and 90% for Black Friday.  I've seen that 90% move back and forth between 90% and 100% so you know for sure we're getting it and with temperatures as low as they've been, there's definitely a good chance of us getting snowed on.  It really depends on what time we get hit but from what I'm seeing, this storm is going to stay pretty steady and consistent so DO NOT be surprised if you have to clean your car off before heading out.

Credit: KTVB
Credit: KTVB

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