My mama always taught me 'Never Say Never'.  She also taught me 'There's No Such Thing As A Sure Thing' so when I say we got a whopper of a storm coming our way with a 100% chance of snow to the Boise valley... that's a big statement right?

Getting up heading into work each morning has felt bitter cold lately but at least we've had a bit of sunshine most afternoons to give us the illusion that there's some kind of warmth.  According to KTVB's weather center, that trend will continue through most of this weekend.  I even have some buddies going golfing Saturday when it's supposed to be sunny and 44.  That's as good as it gets because the storm's heading Boise's way Sunday and Monday we'll get hit hard with what most weather services are saying is a 90% chance of snow.  I'm going the extra 10% and saying it's a sure thing.

Make sure you get up a little earlier to head into work.  Lights on, slow down, scrape all your windows, and drive safe.  DO NOT be one of those crazies we end up talking about.  You know the ones.  The five car pile up people because you decided to haul into work at the same speed as normal.  Take it easy and be prepared.

Credit: KTVB
Credit: KTVB

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