I can't even fathom having a 14-year-old smart enough to be attending college, but it's happening for one young lady who goes to Boise State University before she can even drive!

Pangaea Finn was notably gifted from the time she was a toddler. She could read by the time she was two, do addition by age three.

Her pre-school suggested her IQ be tested and sure enough she was profoundly gifted.

According to an article on eastidahonews.com, at 14, Pangaea is a novelist, an accomplished pianist, viola player, a nationally recognized young conservationist, and she just started BSU as a freshman.

Pangaea watches a college-level lecture series for fun. She's also found support and other kids like her through the Davidson Institute, which is a program in Nevada for the profoundly gifted.

Pangaea's mother says in regards to her daughter,

It's like somebody who is starving intellectually, and they can't stop feeding themselves. You have to keep stocking the intellectual refridgerator, so to speak.

She also wants to shut down the stigma that these very gifted children are being pushed, Instead, she says it's giving them a platform to keep their minds continually stimulated.

With her unique educational path, Pangaea doesn't technically have a high school diploma, but she has enough college credits as most juniors at the college.

She took college entrance exams when she was 11 and scored in the 99th percentile on both the ACT and SAT tests.

Surprisingly, Pangaea is one of eight students at BSU who are under 16-years-old.

She's a triple major in math, physics, and piano performance. Wow, this kid is going places!


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