KTVB reports that 15-year-old Spencer Flerchinger of Kamiah, Idaho died Tuesday when taking pictures at Glacier National Park.  Flerchinger was at the park with his parents exploring when he was swept over a 100-foot cliff that left him no chance of survival.

As you can imagine, Spencer's parents, family, and close friends are beyond words with grief.  Anyone that's hiked or explored in any type of dangerous conditions knows how scary it can be.  I took my son up to Jump Creek last year and we wanted to check out some of the more difficult trails surrounding the waterfall.  We had no idea that some of those trails led into dead ends that would put us into steep, slippery, dangerous spots where if we had lost our footing, it would have been a good 100 feet or more to the bottom.  I remember feeling sick that I had put my son in that situation and to see what was just a nightmare to me become a reality for this family just makes me so sick and so sad for their loss.

The accident took place in Haystack Creek which is just about five miles west of Logan Pass.  That's the same place a 26-year-old man died last year around this same time.  Park officials closed down the area while Spencer's body was recovered.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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