As I read through the details that are emerging in this 'Senseless Crime' it makes my stomach turn.  I don't know what happened but I know the end result and I can't possibly imagine the ripple effect it's having on family, friends, teachers and so many people here in the Treasure Valley.  We all lose.  Tonight our community mourns for 16-year-old Roberto Angel Gomez who died after being shot multiple times at 11th Avenue North and Powell Avenue in Nampa last night.

The Nampa Police Department has teamed up with investigators and so far they have not released much of what they know.  According to KTVB, witnesses say that Gomez was seen arguing with a lot of different people the day before he was shot.  That's about all we've heard so far.

This is officially a homicide case and authorities are asking anyone with information to step forward and call Nampa Police at (208) 465-2257 or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS.

Please keep Roberto's family in your prayers tonight.  No parent should outlive their child and ABSOLUTELY no parent should see their baby go in this way.  Rest In Peace Roberto.

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