Recently a teacher at Parkwood Elementary had to set aside her usual lesson plan when something happened over Zoom with one of her students.

11-year-old Kaleb Greenough is one of Ms. McClean's students and has a really good record with his attendance and grades at school. But recently one day, he was late getting online for class after his grandmother had tripped and fell. His grandmother Sherri Bell is legally blind, has a disability, and is on kidney dialysis. When she fell, Greenough was the only other person in the house at the time of her fall.

Greenough tried to call for help, but the phone wasn't working. So he logged into his art class with Ms. McClean. He calmly messaged her on the chat and asked her to call his mother for him. His teacher couldn't get ahold of his mother so she contacted the school principal and asked them to join the Zoom call. They determined that calling 911 was the best course of action.

A short time later, the paramedics arrived and everyone was able to take a deep breath. Because of everyone's actions especially Greenough being able to stay calm and collected, Grandma Sherri is doing ok now.

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