I have five kids and I'm not going to lie, one of the scariest moments with each of them is teaching how to drive.  When the wisdom and experience and common sense kicks in... I don't know but accidents like this scare me to death as we set out teenagers free on Idaho roads.

The 19-year-old kid driving has not yet been identified but here's what we know.  He was driving very fast in the area of Lincoln Road and Bone Road in Bonneville County last night at about 8:30.  He was headed westbound on the Blacktail Road, ran straight through a stop sign, lost all control and that's when his vehicle flipped rolling over at least three times and eventually ejecting the 19-year-old kid from the vehicle.

According to East Idaho News an ambulance was on the scene almost immediately transporting him to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where he's currently sitting in serious condition.  How serious?  We don't know.

There is evidence that alcohol was involved.  We'll keep you posted on all the details of this tragic accident as authorities investigate and we'll keep you updated on how this young man is doing.  We're thinking and praying for him to survive, heal quickly, and get back to his family.

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