104.3 Wow Country is excited to partner again with Drake Mechanical this year to change a families life right here in the Treasure Valley! It's our second year of Families Helping Families Heat up your Holidays with Drake Mechanical. Did you know Drake Mechanical has been serving the Treasure Valley for 112 years?! They are family owned and have been passed down from generation to generation. Now their family wants to help a local family in need.

Learn more about our winner Katie from last year here.

This year we opened up the nominations earlier and while we wish we could give furnaces to every nomination there was one that stood out. Brenda nominated her daughter Tiffany who has had an undeniably difficult year.

"My daughter, Tiffani, was widowed on October 19, 2021, ten days before giving birth to their only child. Neither she nor her husband had other children. When she and her baby daughter came home from the hospital, their furnace went out. A new thermostat has temporarily fixed the problem, but this little family really needs a new furnace. Tiff is a fighter. She was born with Cystic Fibriosis, has BiPolar disorder, and suffers from chronic migraines. Her baby is truly a miracle and a testament to the unconditional love she and her husband, Joe, shared. Tiff is always looking for ways to help others. I think it’s time she had some good fortune for a change. Thank you."

Tiffany and baby, Our Drake Furnace Winner 2021
Tiffany and baby, Our Drake Furnace Winner 2021

Rebecca Drake from Drake Mechanical and I called Tiffany to let her know that she was getting a new fully installed furnace just before the holidays and her response is so touching. Hear the audio for yourself here:

Thank you Treasure Valley and Thank you Drake Mechanical for making dreams come true and making this possible again. <3

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