104.3 Wow Country is excited to partner again with Drake Mechanical this year to change a families life right here in the Treasure Valley! It's our second year of Families Helping Families Heat up your Holidays with Drake Mechanical. Did you know Drake Mechanical has been serving the Treasure Valley for 112 years! They are family owned and have been passed down from generation to generation. Now their family wants to help a local family in need.

Do you know someone who is doing everything they can to find firewood to keep the house warm enough to live in? Do you know someone who has to sleep with jackets and a pile of blankets just to make it bearable enough to sleep. Nominate a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family in need and let the Drake Mechanical Family come to the rescue with a new furnace and full installation! This is an over $18,000 thousand dollar value. Its like a HUGE warm hug right at the end of the year. Who do you know that deserves it and why?

Last year Katie was our nominated winner - Here is the nomination from her friend: "Katie is a single mom with two teenage boys. She works long hours at multiple jobs to take care of her family. Things are tight. Her furnace has been broken for two weeks and this would be a great blessing for her."

And from her sister: "My sister's furnace broke 3 weeks ago and she hasn't had the money to fix it. She is a single mom who works 2 jobs as a nurse and a package delivery person. They have been burning wood like crazy to keep their old house warm. Please help out someone who needs taking care of when she takes care of everyone else."

104.3 Wow Country cant thank the Drake Mechanical Family enough for making this possible and coming to the rescue with a new furnace and full installation! This has brought warm joy to Katie and her family last year and will for years to come.

Drake Furnace winner Katie (2)

Now who is next for THIS YEAR'S GIVEAWAY?

We will take nominations now until December 12th. Then we will pick the nomination winner on December 13th. That gives Drake Mechanical enough time to set up installation before Christmas.  Imagine nice and toasty winters for years to come. Families helping families with Drake Mechanical and 104.3 Wow Country.

Please fill out the form below and submit. You are welcome to submit for multiple families in need but please do not submit for the same family over and over.

Click here for Official Rules

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