Westbound Interstate 84 was completely shut down last night in the Caldwell area for about a half an hour while police, emergency responders, and investigative authorities were tending to a very bad accident between a motorcycle and a semi-truck.  KTVB reports that the crash took place about 10 p.m. near exit 29.

21-year-old Eric Hauser of Caldwell, Idaho ran into the back of semi-trailer being pulled by 57-year-old Henry Boswell of Meridian.  At this time we have no idea what exactly happened.  A thorough investigation is underway.

We do know that Hauser was wearing a helmet.  We also know that the semi driver, Boswell was not injured in any way.

21 is way too young to die.  My youngest daughter's 21 and she's just a kid.  Today we have a Caldwell family mourning.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  May your son, brother, and friend rest in peace.

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