Three weeks ago, an SUV carrying six people plunged into the Selway River.  Two men escaped with their lives but the other four were nowhere to be found.  The two men that made it out were so caught up in trying to survive, they didn't see what happened to those that were still missing.

According to KTVB, the SUV was found soon after but none of the bodies were in it.  One of those men has now been found.  22-year-old Reece Rollins was found by a hiker 43 miles downstream from where the SUV crashed.  Rollins was submerged and jammed in between a boulder and a log.  His tattoos and dental records were used to identify him.

There are still three men missing.  21-year-old Koby Clark of Bozeman, Montana, and brothers Raymond and Jesse Ferrieri, both of Mahopac Falls, New York.  Authorities continue the search and ask anyone hiking, rafting or doing any type of activities in these areas to keep an eye out.

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