I'll admit, I never ever saw myself living in Idaho, but now I love it here. In fact, I don't ever want to move... but, there are some things about Idaho that even Idahoans hate! 


  • Credit: Getty Images/Natalie Behring
    Credit: Getty Images/Natalie Behring

    The Stigma Around Idaho

    I feel like there is still a stigma around Idaho that all we have here is potatoes and rednecks. Outside of the state, most people don't see Idaho as "cool." Once you get here you realize it's really cool, (evidently the Californian's have discovered our little Gem) but I can't get anyone to visit me here because they think there is nothing to do in Idaho. How wrong they are!

  • Credit: Getty Images/Drew Angerer
    Credit: Getty Images/Drew Angerer


    Idaho, you teased me when I moved here from Salt Lake City in 2015. That winter was super mild. I barely had to get out my shovel, but then BAM 2016 snowpocalypse hit. If that would have been my first winter here I would have packed up and left. I have been scared of winters here ever since.

  • Credit: Getty Images for John Varvatos
    Credit: Getty Images for John Varvatos

    No IKEA or In-N-Out in Site

    We have a lot here in Idaho. In fact, we have more stores and restaurants than I ever expected, but due to our lack of population. (I've heard there needs to be at least a million people in any given area for IKEA to consider building and if that's true we need about 300,000 to move here.)  So no word of IKEA or In-N-Out coming to town any time soon.