There are a lot of tragedies in this world but for some reason when I hear of accidents like this, I just can't hold back the emotions.  Saying that my heart aches for these families is just not enough.  Being a father of five and knowing and understanding the love between parents and children makes it so much more painful.

Last night around 5:15 a sweet, little 3-year-old girl was playing in her neighborhood in the 9500 Block of Littlewood Drive in southeast Boise.  She was playing around a neighbors truck, the driver of the truck did not see her, ran into her and she was immediately transported to the hospital where she died.

KTVB has released information stating that The Ada County Sheriff's Office believes there was absolutely no foul play involved and that this was a 100% accident.

The grief, loss, and pain felt by both the parents of this beautiful little girl and by whoever was driving that truck is indescribable.  None of us can begin to imagine what these people are going through.

Boise suffered a loss last night.  A loss that will never heal or be made whole.  I don't know who this girl is or who her family is or anyone that was involved but I wish I could wrap my arms around them and just give them a big, long hug.  I'm so sorry for their loss.

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