The adventures here in Idaho are endless! Here's 7 trips you can take with just one tank of gas!

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  • 1

    Worswick Hot Springs


    The drive from Boise is just 2 hours and 32 minutes. Here 50 springs pour down from a hillside, but be careful, Temperatures can reach up to 180 degrees! The cool thing is there are lots of little private places to soak with your sweetheart!

    Getty Images/ Phil Walter
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    Centennial Marsh


    It's a 1 hour and 38 hour drive from Boise. Located in the middle of Camas Prairie you can ski, snowshoe, dog sled, and snowmobile race in the winter. In the spring it turns in to this beautiful sea of purple and blue Camas Lilies. The flowers are so dense that some people mistake the fields for lakes.

    Getty Images/ Sean Gallup
  • 3

    Malad Gorge

    Thousand Springs State Park

    Just one hour and 27 minutes outside of Boise. You'll find hidden waterfalls, the plunging Snake River Canyon, and the sights of the Perrine.

    Getty Images/ Natalie Behring
  • 4

    Initial Point


    Right here in the Treasure Valley. This is the initial starting point for all land surveying in Idaho. Here you'll find breathtaking mountain views and a plaque that commemorates its significance.

    Getty Images/ Davod McNew
  • 5

    Dierkes Lake

    Twin Falls

    Just 2 hours and 2 minutes outside of Boise, this is a local Twin Falls favorite. Here you'll find lots of rocks to climb and jump off of, plus there's a beachy area, kids area, and a dock overlooking the main lake.

    Getty Images/ George Frey
  • 6

    Little City of Rocks


    1 hour and 53 minutes away from Boise. Here you'll find towering pyramids, spires, and domes; plus it's absolutely beautiful!

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    Hidden Mouth Cave


    3 hours and 29 minutes outside of Boise you'll find a local secret cave. It will take some effort to get here but the view is spectacular. Hike from Pass Creek Rd to get to the cave.

    Getty Images/ Alex Wong