How does a huge, 75-year-old tortoise go missing? Was he stolen? Have you seen him?! We're hoping to bring Twister the tortoise home to Nampa!

Twister belongs to Reptile Adventures,  a non-profit in Nampa that educates kids and their parents about reptiles.

Reptile Adventures has five tortoises, but say there is no evidence of Twister escaping through the fenced in yard in was staying in.

They are concluding that the tortoise was most likely stolen.

Twister ended up at Reptile Adventures after his owner painted his shell and as Reptile Adventures says, "he touched the hearts of hundreds of people in the valley."

According to Channel 2/Idaho News, Twister should be easy to spot. He's a very large tortoise with a white, blue, yellow, and red painted shell.

If you have any information about Twister's disappearance, please contact the police of Reptile Adventures.

We home Twister comes home safe and sound very soon!