Do you love chicken fingers?

If you do, you should get excited because the chicken finger community is about to grow! There's going to be a new chicken finger franchise coming to town and they're going to be bringing their famous golden fried chicken fingers, crispy fries, creamy cole slaw, butter Texas toast, and signature sauce!

Do you know who I'm talking about?

Okay, let me give you some more hints. They have several different combos, they have family meals and a very simple menu, and you can purchase gallons of their famous sweet tea!


They have over 46 locations nationwide and obviously are continuing to grow!

Maybe this picture will help!

Tara M. (Yelp)
Tara M. (Yelp)

"We launched the entire chicken finger restaurant industry. There are certainly copycats out there, but we were the OG. It doesn’t take a scientist or a historian to distinguish the original from the mimics. So, if it’s golden fried chicken fingers you want, please come by and see us at a Guthrie’s near you.”

That's what Joe Kelly Guthrie said, CEO of Guthrie's Franchising, Inc.

Guthrie's America's Original Chicken Finger Restaurant originated in 1965 in Haleyville, Alabama.

Guthrie's announced earlier this week that they will be expanding west into Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado with a focus on Las Vegas and Boise.

Are you disappointed? Why would you be disappointed?

Because you were hoping for Raising Cane's. I've never had Guthrie's but I have had Raising Cane's and I'm excited to see how much of a difference there is. You have to compare the sauce right?

When are they opening?

No word on when the expansion will be happening but it sounds like sooner rather than later.

While We Wait For Either Raising Canes or Guthries To Open a Location, Check out These Top Boise Chicken Fingers!

I went ahead and dug through all of the possible Google reviews and found the best chicken strips in Treasure Valley.

These are in no particular order. Enjoy!

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