I've always thought my immune system was fantastic. Rarely do I get sick or battle flu symptoms but this long Thanksgiving changed everything.

On Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning I woke up not feeling all that great, mostly with my throat being sore and having a headache. But after a hot shower and some ibuprofen plus knowing that it was the holiday I started feeling better.

After preparing the meal and sitting down for dinner, I took the always needed nap after Thanksgiving and the symptoms came back hard. By the time I went to sleep on Thanksgiving my voice was completely gone and my sinus were very congested.

Friday I only got out of bed for a total of two hours, feeling so weak and tired I didn't want to move. Saturday I knew I had to work especially with the Toys for Tots fundraiser I was hosting at the Buffalo Club, I was trying to speak clearly into the microphone but by the end of the night my voice was gone again. UGH!

Sunday I spent in bed again but this time Savannah had purchased half of the pharmacy so I had every medication needed to battle the flu symptoms I had. I'm feeling better now, but still taking medication to make sure things don't get worse.

I've never been a fan of flu shots because honestly I've never battled something this intense, but if getting the flu shot makes sure I stay healthy like Savannah did, sign me up for one of those shots.

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