Oh yeah! We're getting our own Amazon store! Here's where it will be located and here's how it works.

I just received two packages from Amazon on my doorstep today, so the idea of an Amazon store is really exciting, but this is not quite what I thought it would be.

According to boisedev.com Amazon Books is set to open at The Village in Meridian where the old Paperie + Pen was originally located next to Anthropologie.

So what is Amazon Books? It will feature books of course, but they will also offer a variety of electronics and some general merchandise.

How does it differ from a traditional book store? Amazon Books will be stocked based on local preferences. The books will also face forward so you can see the whole cover and prices won't be on display, which personally I'm not a fan of. You use the Amazon app or handheld scanners to look up the price. Futuristic,yes. Convenient, no. (At least in my opinion, but I'll definitely be checking it out just to see for myself.)

No word yet on an opening date.