The Amy Cat Gate saga officially has an ending.

Several weeks ago Amy first shared that her and her husband gifted their daughter Stachira the approval to get a cat for Christmas. So Amy had been doing research to find a Balinese cat for their family that is hypoallergenic and would get along well with their rescue dog. Amy found a breeder and send in a deposit, however after that first initial interaction, Amy didn't hear much. She was told there was a cat coming specifically for them in the next litter but when they were supposed to get the cat, they never heard anything more.

That's when Amy finally heard from the breeder two weeks after they were supposed to receive their cat, sharing that the cat they were supposed to get died during birth. When Amy asked why they didn't reach out to her, they told her "because it's all just so sad."

Fast forward to last week, Amy updated us that she received her check deposit back in the mail from the breeders, but wasn't sure if it was legit. So she took it to the bank where she had them verify it was ok to cash and thankfully it was a legit check. So Amy got her deposit money back and now they're on the search for another breeder of Balinese cats.

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