Amy Grant's album Heart In Motion is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a new edition this year coming out on July 9th, but not only that she announced her 2021 fall tour to continue the celebration of the album. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to not only talk about all of her new projects, but also share stories from her career.

Arguably one of her biggest hits "Baby, Baby," Grant shared that this song was all about having fun. Her songs are normally all about her faith and that makes for serious conversations, but she wanted to do some songs that were more upbeat and all about having fun. For many years of her career, she would lean on her nieces and nephews to see how a song would hit amongst various types of people. She would go to her nieces and nephews who lived next door to her growing up, and she would play songs for them to see which ones they liked, and which ones they hated. That wasn't all that they helped her with though, Grant shared that at one point in her career she took two of her nephews on tour with her during the summer months. Grant admitted that they had little to no supervision and had the best summer of their lives from making hotel rooms messy to getting to stay up listening to music with Grant.

With the newly announced tour, Grant is ready to hit the road again visiting 40 different cities. Though she admitted she had to make a big change, her notes will be in a lower key. She tried to hold on to her original keys for so long, but while in rehearsals her longtime friend and keys player told her to "just lower it already." So Grant finally made the move to change all of her songs in lower keys for this new tour to accompany her lower sound. Grant will be playing all of the big hit songs fans want to hear on her tour like "Baby, Baby," but they will all feel a little different to her because of the key change. The tour sets off in October, and they're gone for several months but that's Grant's favorite part of her career. She loves to discover the country and gives herself off days so she can go explore the cities and meet people. One particular activity she loves doing is riding the bike trails in the pacific northwest

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