Amy and her daughter Stachira went out for a girl's day and they decided to go shopping. The two of them were at the mall and went into Abercrombie, that's when Amy started questioning some things.

Abercrombie was known for years as the clothing brand that young teens wear, especially guys and their cologne. The brand was wildly popular for years, but over the last few years they've shifted their branding and clothing. They wanted to market to more than just young teens and started putting clothes out on their shelves that would resonate with the older audience. Obviously it worked, because when Amy was in there, she started finding clothing items that she loved for herself. Her daughter was also finding great clothing items, but Amy was pleasantly surprised that she was finding things as well.

Amy went ahead and bought the items, but she's questioning whether she should wear them. She's been wondering if she's too old to be wearing a brand like Abercrombie, despite their overhaul in marketing. She confessed that she really loves the clothes she bought, so much so that she wants to get some of their items as Christmas gifts for friends. But she's questioning her age and wearing the brand. The Bobby Bones Show was mostly in support of Amy wearing the clothes, though Eddie particularly gave her a hard time since it's a brand that her daughter wears.

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